separate your professional messages from your personal ones
record longer voice messages than you can in other Apps
add value to the services you offer your clients
create a supportive atmosphere for your clients by way of voice
charge more for your services
have input into the features of your messaging App
enjoy special features not available in more basic messaging apps
Which of these do you
relate to?
It's a pain to have to click each message in a series to listen to them!
Turn on or off automatic consecutive playback as you wish.
I don't know when a client message is waiting for my response!
Blerb flashes a colored alert light on your phone to show a client message is waiting.
I need to record a message now, and send it later!
Schedule your blerb to be sent at a time of your choosing.
I want to make notes about my messages to refer to later!
Add a note or comment to your blerbs for future reference.
When I get a message I don't know if it's a client!
Blerb has a distinctive alert tone, so you always recognize client messages.
I need to slow down or speed up a message I'm listening to!
Control the playback speed of messages to your liking.
I don't want my voice message to be shared or saved by the recipient!
Set it to disappear after it is heard.
People leave me very long messages which take ages to play back!
Set a recording limit for each of your contacts.