separate your professional messages from your personal ones
record longer voice messages than you can in other Apps
add value to the services you offer your clients
create a supportive atmosphere for your clients by way of voice
charge more for your services
have input into the features of your messaging App
enjoy special features not available in more basic messaging apps
Our features
Turning on and off consecutive voice message playback
So you can listen to one message after another without having to click!
Colored alert light on your phone for professional messages
So you can see by glancing at your phone that you have a business message!
Scheduling voice messages to be sent at a future time
So you can prepare a message now, and have it delivered any time you choose!
Adding a note or comment to a message for your own reference
So you can notate any of your messages with your own personal notes!
Distinctive alert tone for your professional messages
So you can hear specifically when you have a business message!
Voice message playback speed control
So you can listen to your messages at a speed of your choosing!
Disappearing (self distructing) messages
So you can send something sensitive, for only the ears of the recipient!
Setting customized limits for how long people's voice messages can be
So you can restrict how long someone's messages to you can be!