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Juan Alphanzo

I have been with Blerb now for nearly 7months. I can assure you there hosting is great with very minimal downtime. I had a few issues with my website that was not there fault, but they where here to help. I recommend Blerb to everyone!

About Us

image1 Our datacenter is located in Quebec, Canada. We started this company with little cash and alot to provide. Now we are growing strong! Giving thanks to all of our loyal clients. All of our servers are 100% monitored and updated constantly. We do not leave our clients standing by them selves. High security is our motive we will not leave any servers unsecure at any given time. If you want to test run an account with us just ask! We can offer you a free 48hour trial.

image1 There is no overloading and we do not over sell our hosting. We think that companys who do those sort of things are ruining the hosting industry with filling there clients and other companys clients with untruthfull statements. When choosing a web hoster you must really look into what they offer. Some offer cheap hosting and some offer hosting that is so cheap it must be a gimmick. Not with us, You can trust us we offer only the best and never do we try and con or trick our clients.


Please if you have any questions, contact us right away. We are happy to help you!